Yuval Adam

I turn creative ideas into sequences of 1's and 0's.

My main professional interest is in web infrastructure. In practice, I specialize in writing and deploying back-end services, as well as managing infrastructure operations. My go-to languages for any project are Python and JavaScript, but I dwell in other environments as well. I manage my code with git.

I enjoy asking and answering technical questions on Stack Overflow. My favorite place for geek-related news is Hacker News. Various code I've written can be found on Github. My various ramblings can be found on my blog. All the music I've been listening to since 2004 is on last.fm. And to complete the stalking, you can check out my personal profile on Google+ (which other than to appease the g00g is not put to use) or follow me on Twitter.

Drop me a line at yuvadddaal@y3gmail.comxz.com. Whenever possible, please use my PGP public key.

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